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People’s Bank adds a cutting-edge Ai-powered chatbot to its website

In a move to elevate customer service, People’s Bank proudly announces the launch of its artificial intelligence (Ai)-powered chatbot feature on its website www.peoplesbank.lk.

This innovative addition harnesses the power of AI to provide quick and seamless responses to customer inquiries anytime, anywhere and any day.

With a robust knowledge base and natural language understanding, the integrated chatbot addresses customer queries effortlessly, ensuring an enhanced banking experience. The chatbot is not only accessible on the web but also supports multilingual engagement, offering assistance in English, Sinhala and Tamil.

Commenting on the feature, the bank’s Chairman Sujeewa Rajapakse stated, “People’s Bank is committed to leveraging technology to redefine the banking landscape and enhance customer satisfaction. The AI chatbot is a testament to our strategy of using technology to provide an added level of convenience and a worldclass customer service experience.”

People’s Bank has future plans to expand the chatbot’s availability to popular messaging platforms like Messenger and Whatsapp. This strategic move aims to further streamline customer interactions, making banking services more accessible and user-friendly.

Since embarking on its digitalisation journey in 2015, People’s Bank has consistently pioneered the integration of cuttingedge technology to deliver diversified, world-class digital banking solutions. These solutions have been embraced by the bank’s growing urban and rural customer base, thanks to their focus on enhanced convenience, speed, efficiency and security.

People’s Bank Chief Executive Officer/general Manager Clive Fonseka added, “This latest value addition reinforces People’s Bank’s position as the leader in digital banking in Sri Lanka. We are dedicated to pushing the limits of innovation, developing digital solutions of international standards while staying customer centric in all our endeavours.”

The launch of the AI chatbot marks another milestone in People’s Bank’s commitment to revolutionising Sri Lanka’s banking industry.






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