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As a public spirited person I seek the following clarifications from the Colombo Municipal Council (Parking Division); Can the attendants of contractors hired to collect parking fees issue a ticket for a vehicle waiting with the driver in the seat, while the engine is running, at an unmarked parking lot? If the answer is yes, no motorist can park his vehicle along any of the Colombo roads, whether the lot is marked or not, without paying Rs 70/= to the Council which is clearly a Draconian rule of the CMC by any standards. Admittedly the vehicle should not obstruct the other vehicles using the road. If the answer is yes, why issue tickets without reference numbers, but handover the parking aspect in its entirety to contractors to “suck out the blood of road users” In this case my daughter who was waiting for me for in the driving seat with the engine running, along Macleod Road Colombo 4, at an unmarked spot, was forced with a ticket on the windscreen with no identification number, except the name printed “NEW PARKWAY” while I dropped in at the BOC. Further it was clear that the ticket was an already used one with the “Time of arrival marked as 17.39 dated 16/11 while it was about 14.00 PM on 17/11 (Friday). Both the CMC and NEW PARKWAY should take note of it. . With the unbearable rising cost of living, motorists are further pressurized by the parking attendants, contracted by the Council, hired to collect Parking Fees who behave like thugs or leeches looking for human blood. This system should change and further justifies why Local Government Elections should be held as soon as possible.