A life without taxes, that’s what the people want




Wijeya Newspapers



PERCY WIJENAYAKE - The main problem with the Sinhalese is that they are not down to earth. Keeping up with the Joneses and not to be identified as ‘have nots’ avoiding public health systems, transport, subsidised food, fashion conscious and low income support, and not living within their means. Have no sympathy for them. WICKRAMA WIJAYASIRI - An interesting dilemma. It has come down to the value of the common man’s labour. Many people in SL work as hard as the citizen of prosperous countries. However, our productivity is low in value compared to those countries. Communism is not the answer. A bit of socialism, yes. The handful of Capitalists in SL are reaping from the efforts of the have nots. Heavy and fair taxation is part of the answer. However, this handful or their proxies are governing the country. People elect them for the job as they have no choice. Our problems are mainly due to corruption of the ‘governers’ and inefficient idiotic management. Then comes the unrealistic expectations of the common citizenry. PERCY WIJENAYAKE - Increased allowances is a good move. The IMF is not wrong. Sri Lankans got to adjust for prevailing conditions. We are used to this in the West while Sri Lanka is enjoying a good life.