‘Sangitvisharad’ and ‘Dance Visharad’ conferred upon Nimthara Ginige by the Bhatkhande Sangit Vidyapith in Lu



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Nimthara Ginige has had the unique distinction of becoming a dual recipient of the prestigious Instrumental ‘Sangitvisharad’ and ‘Dance Visharad’ conferred upon by the Bhatkhande Sangit Vidyapith in Lucknow, India, at the tender age of 15. Nimthara who is a student of Elizabeth Moir School commenced her education in oriental music and Bharathanatyam at the age of eight and this year at the age of 15 she was able to obtain the prestigious award of ‘Visharad’ for the Instrumental (Sithar) and Bharathanatayam. For most musicians and dancers from the Indian subcontinent, Bhatkhande Vidyapith has become the key learning ground for Music and dance education. The accomplishment of‘visharad’ which is conferred on successful completion of the five levels of examinations is equivalent to the level of a Bachelor’s Degree in the Indian subcontinent. At each stage candidates have to succeed in a theory paper set by Bhatkhande Sangit Vidyapith Institute and also face a practical test conducted by Indian Professors. Nimthara was able to successfully get through the five levels for both Bharathanatayam as well as for the Instrumental (Sithar). Furthermore she was able to display a very high level of academic performance and obtained a First Division pass in Bharathanatyam final examination and Second Division pass in Sithar final examination known as Visharad Part II. Nimthara said that it took a lot of practice and hard work for her to accomplish Visharad Part II.AT the beginning, the practices were held once a week but closer to the exam, she had to make it at every day of the week as she prepared for two final examinations. According to Nimthara, she had to memorize 12 Ragas for Music Visharadh finals and train ‘Jethiswaram’, ‘shabdam’, ‘ Padam’,‘ Ashtapadam’, ‘thillana’, and ‘slokam’ for Dancing Visharad finals. Nimthara, who mastered the sitar under the proficient musician Visharad Mr. Sidath Somasundaram, and studied Bharathanatyam under the professional dancing teacher, visharad Mrs.buddhi Ratnakumari recalled with great interest that the hard work and dedication of these two teachers made this victory possible. She also did not forget to remember with great affection that it was the dedication and encouragement of her parents who were the loving shadow behind her that enabled her to claim such a great achievement. In Sri Lanka where musicians normally limit their learning and association to either the oriental or western music streams, Nimthara has the rare distinctions of pursuing studies in both these broad music streams. Her versatility is such that Nimthara is expected to sit for Grade seven Piano examination conducted by the Trinity College, London in February 2024. Nimthara, who is also a member of the school press club, is passionate about basketball.