Stop blame game if you want to see development: Manusha



Wijeya Newspapers


If you want the country’s development and national unity, stop blaming each other, if you want change to happen, start with yourself, Labour and Foreign Employment Minister Manusha Nanayakkara said yesterday. Speaking at the occasion of naming the Kachchiwatta Mosque in Magale, Galle as an ancient heritage, he emphasised that the time has come to ditch all forms of extremism and chauvinism and think of Sri Lanka as one nation, one people in order to achieve development and national unity. “If one hopes for the development and national unity of the country, it should start from oneself, instead of accusing each other,” he added. Marking the inauguration of archaeological exploration activities at the site by naming the historical Mosque as an ancient heritage, the Minister also opened a plaque describing the history of the Mosque. The Minister also requested the Department of Archaeology to complete the related archaeological explorations at the earliest. “if you want national unity, it has to start with yourself. If you want a developed country, it too has to start with yourself. If you are the initiator of these noble goals, there will never be a need to accuse someone else. The time has come for the people of Sri Lanka to stand together in unity and become the citizens of a truly Sri Lankan nation,” Nanayakkara stated. He added that knowing about others is the basis for a country with collective harmony. People who can see the other as a brother or sister living in the same country will help to boost the dignity and pride of that country and ensure national security. We say that such a country is a strong country, he observed.